Solutions by Role

Chief Marketing Officers (CMOs)

The CMO role is rapidly being transformed from leading communications efforts to a more fundamental role as a strategic leader for growth and enterprise value. CMOs are asking more questions about business models, enterprise processes and structure beyond traditional brand strategy and want to understand how analytics can create a competitive advantage.

Solutions for CMOs

Competitive and Market Intelligence
CMOs want a comprehensive view oftheir markets and competition to ensure the right decisions are made to enter new markets and/or develop new products. Greater insights are needed to assess the impact of emerging technologies and new business models. Marketers can gain insights on a range of strategic issues by maximizing the breadth and depth of data used for analysis. Results provide insights on market entry strategy, growth prospects and customer needs and potential disruptors.

Marketing Program Execution
Marketers are drowning in data but are challenged in taking advantage of the information gathered from a growing portfolio of customer touch points. Smarter use of analytics enables marketers to recognize patterns and trends that impact customer service, sales and operations. Our solutions enable marketing teams to:

  • Use social media for crisis intelligence and effective brand management by setting up a listening post and cataloging the data into logical groups for analysis and engagement
  • Create user profiles of website visitors using LinkedIn and other data sources to create qualified B2B lead lists
  • Shortlist prospective companies, develop spending patterns, identify appropriate stakeholders and create their external personas to enhance the quality of leads

Chief Strategy Officer (CSO) and M&A Executives

Most CSOs view data as having great potential to improve identification of growth opportunities, strategic planning, and M&A / divestment activities. But deciding which markets to target and how to win is especially difficult when it involves going beyond traditional, core businesses. Applying analytics to growth issues helps CSOs establish a data-driven process that produces better outcomes with less ambiguity.

Solutions for CSOs

Managing M&A and other Alternative Structures
CSOs want to improve their end-to-end M&A process by developing a prospect list of M&A candidates internally, and in less time. Our solution addresses CSO pain points to address:

  • Profiling companies and understanding comparables, simulating M&A return cases
  • Simulating an integration case that draws upon similar transactions
  • Evaluating alternative structures like JVs, Strategic Alliances and LP positions