About Boston Analytics

Boston Analytics (BA) is a strategy consulting firm which serves Fortune 1000 clients seeking powerful insights from data to drive their strategic decisions about growth.

Founded in 2004 based in Boston, BA has advised clients on issues and opportunities related to Digital Transformation, Investment Strategy and Market Entry & Growth in both developed and emerging markets.

BA's proprietary knowledge base, unique analytical frameworks and well tested methodologies allows us to efficiently extract intelligence from data and transform it into actionable insights which enable smart decisions. Our approach and engagements are highly customized to the unique interests and circumstances of each client. In all our work, we ensure our insights translate into action.

Our experience in Consumer Products and Services, Financial Services, Industrials and Technology has helped clients achieve sustainable growth and outperform their competitors.

Our Capabilities

Digital Transformation

A variety of technological, cultural and economic innovations are disrupting long-established business models and industry structures across almost all fields of business endeavor. New business opportunities are being created by technology disruptions such as Internet of Things or Cognitive Computing. Know More  

Investment Strategy

Sound Investment decisions are driven by detailed and timely market, industry and company analysis. We serve investment banks, private equity firms and corporate development teams execute on sourcing and deal executions. Know More  

Market Entry and Growth

Our Market Entry and Growth Practice serves clients primarily based in the US and Western Europe, who aspire to grow in emerging markets or enter new markets, but lack visibility into the prevailing market conditions, competitors and distribution networks associated with these opportunities.
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Internet of Things

Internet of Things (IoT) has been growing at a rapid pace due to its multiple potential use-cases, as a result of which IoT space has been a buzz with activities and expectations. This growth has been enabled by multiple technological innovations across software and hardware which has established technology firms and startups. Learn more on how IoT infrastructure companies are augmenting their existing business models aggressively making the move to M2M Platforms and using IoT across wider platforms.

Private Equity Investment Opportunity and Returns in Indian Real Estate Sector

An overview of the Indian Real Estate Industry with respect to Investment Opportunities and the Returns on Investments. Detailed analysis of which sector within residential, retail and commercial has attracted investment from Private Equities and a comparison of the return of these investments. BA has also looked at regions with high investment potential.

Accessing Consumers in Emerging Markets

An analysis of how the CPG industry in emerging markets is characterized by the size and shape of consumer population, trade landscape, business model setup etc. Challenges of selling in emerging markets are clearly spelled out in broad terms of a) access, b) affordability, and c) acceptance, while at the same time innovative strategies which have been adopted by leading CPG players to combat some of these challenges are also illustrated for inspiration for potential entrants in this space.

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