Engagement Model

The business issues we focus on are complex and don’t lend themselves to simple answers. That’s why we use an engagement model with our clients to maximize collaboration and learning. We believe this approach leads to better results.

We start by framing the business issues and identifying data sources. Our domain and functional expertise combined with client insight helps us create a joint problem definition within the right business context.

We work as a collaborative team throughout the analysis. Our data scientists demonstrate how our platform is used to build models, determine data relationships and test hypothesis. This approach maximizes buy-in and helps facilitate skills transfer. Participants on the client side can roll-up their sleeves and learn about the tools and approaches firsthand from our experts.

Our data team creates the outputs and reports that communicate findings and insights. All data sets belong to the client. We’ll also help fine-tune results to create impactful presentations and facilitate decision making workshops.

We’re not satisfied until insights become action. Our team of business consultants assists clients in implementing insights that impact processes span functional areas across the enterprise.